Bold Colors

Bold Colors and Textures for Luxury Cabinet Design

A kitchen is more than a space for culinary creation; it’s the heart of the home, a gathering place, a site of comfort and conversation. The design of this room is a critical expression of personal style that goes beyond mere functionality. In luxury homes, kitchens are taking on bold new palettes, vivid hues, and rich textures, becoming an oasis of self-expression.

Harris Cabinet Design is leading the charge in redefining the luxury kitchen, choosing to reject the overuse of white and beige for the warmth of deep emerald greens, vibrant royal blues, and rich purples. This isn’t just a trend; it’s a movement in luxury home design toward individuality, towards a kitchen that is uniquely yours.

Warm, Rich Colors

Move over, sterile white and boring-beige, the modern aesthetic for the luxury kitchen is about warmth and depth. Our deep wood finishes and rich accent tones are inviting a sense of modern intimacy to kitchen design. Their woodsy palette is inspired by nature – think tranquil forest greens, earthy browns, and soulful charcoals. These new signature colors offer a timeless backdrop to your countertops, appliances, and wall decor.

When you walk into a kitchen designed by Harris Cabinet Design, you don’t just see color, you feel it. The choices in their design are about much more than mere aesthetics; they are about creating a mood. Darker, muted shades and high-gloss finishes silently shout luxury, while their matte counterparts offer an understated sophistication—a mix of materials and textures that balance excitement with elegance.

Two-Tone Cabinets

One of the most compelling design features Harris Cabinet Design is known for is the use of two-tone cabinetry. This approach breaks the tradition of a monochromatic kitchen, allowing different-colored upper and lower cabinets to create distinct visual layers and focal points.

Here, the possibilities are endless; from a stark contrast of midnight blue and fresh white to the harmonious blend of rich wood and aubergine, each design is as unique as the homeowner themself. The result is striking, with the upper cabinetry often finished in a lighter shade featuring glass doors to give the space an open feel, while the lower cabinets offer a grounding, solid presence.

Satin Brass Hardware

One trend that’s making a significant comeback is the use of satin brass hardware. It’s a nod to the past with a contemporary twist, offering a softer, more subdued finish that complements the rich tones and warmth of the color schemes Harris Cabinet Design specializes in. This choice in hardware is no afterthought; it’s an anchor of the overall design that ties everything together and adds to the tactile experience of luz.

The world of luxury kitchen design is one where every detail has personality. With Harris Cabinet Design, even the most utilitarian of elements – drawer pulls, faucets, and hinges – become part of the conversation, part of the color story they aim to tell. It’s these little touches that make a design memorable, transforming the functional into the fashionable.

In Conclusion

For those seeking a kitchen that is luxurious, personal, and bold, Harris Cabinet Design is more than just a cabinet installer—they’re curators of luxury. Their dive into deep colors and textured finishes elevates the kitchen to an art form, a testament to the idea that high-end cabinetry is not just about expense, but about the beauty and personality of design.

With Harris Cabinet Design, the kitchen has become a canvas for personal expression, a place where design, color, and texture combine to create a unique space that beckons you to explore, to touch, to feel. It is, in every sense, a masterpiece in the heart of your home.


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